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Hungarian Museums Awarded at Shanghai Multimedia Festival

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.09.02.

The National Museum of Hungary (MNM) won the grand prize and a gold medal at a multimedia festival organised in Shanghai by AVICOM, the international committee for audiovisual and new image and sound technologies, a body of the International Council of Museums (ICOM).

The museum’s exhibition of Hungarian aristocracy in the 17th-19th century, which drew some 700,000 visitors in the Shanghai Museum since June 2017, featured a five-meter interactive display dubbed the Magic Wall, allowing visitors to inspect the exhibited objects interactively. The wall, which won the grand prize at AVICOM’s F@IMP 2.0 online festival, is a Hungarian innovation developed mostly in Shanghai.

Currently, several Chinese museums and Budapest’s Museum of Fine Arts own such interactive surfaces.

The MNM’s documentary on a memorial to forced labour in the communist era, Hungarian National Museum Malenkij Robot Memorial Place, won the gold medal in its category.

Photo via National Museum of Hungary’s Facebook page

The open-air museum in Szentendre (Skanzen), near Budapest, was awarded silver medals for the short film I’m from Hungary and the documentary Hand/Craft/Art. The Petőfi Museum of Literature won a bronze medal for its exhibition dubbed CSÁTH* The sorcerer’s garden.

Featured photo via National Museum of Hungary’s Facebook page