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Hungarian MEP József Szájer Re-Elected As Co-Vice-Chair Of European People Party’s EP Group

By Tamás Székely // 2016.11.17.

European People’s Party (EPP), the political family of centre-right parties across Europe, has elected the leadership of its group in the European Parliament for the upcoming period of 2017-2019. Manfred Weber, who has chaired the EPP Group since 2014, has been re-elected by an overwhelming majority of EPP Group Members with 97.8% of the votes. Besides the German MEP, ten vice-chairs from ten different member states have also been elected, including Hungary’s József Szájer.


The new EPP Group Presidency is composed of: Lara Comi (Italy); Esther de Lange (Netherlands); Mariya Gabriel (Bulgaria); Esteban González Pons (Spain); Françoise Grossetête (France); Sandra Kalniete (Latvia); Marian-Jean Marinescu (Romania); Paulo Rangel (Portugal); József Szájer (Hungary); and Tadeusz Zwiefka (Poland)

József Szájer, a founding member of Hungary’s right-wing ruling party Fidesz, has been an MEP since his home country’s accession to the European Union in 2004. This is the sixth time, his colleagues voted for him to become one of the vice-chairs of the EPP group, so the 55-year-old Hungarian politician is currently the longest-serving EPP official in this position. Szájer is assigned to one of the most important tasks as he is responsible for reaching a mutual agreement within EPP group before votes in the European Parliament.

Fidesz party said Szájer’s re-election is the recognition of the work the party’s EP delegation has done so far within the EPP group in Brussels and Strasbourg.

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