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Hungarian Medical Chamber Launches Vaccination Promotion Campaign

Hungary Today 2021.02.18.

The Hungarian Medical Chamber (MOK) has launched a vaccination promotion campaign to draw people’s attention to the fact that our life can only return to normal if as many people as possible get vaccinated against Covid-19 without delay.

People have an aversion to vaccines, says the MOK, which can be overcome not only by dispelling existing fears but also by promoting new emotions that are stronger than fear: the feeling of pride, the heroic idea that people can individually put an end to the current situation.

The main message of the campaign, therefore, is that it is not us, but Hungary as a whole that will be in danger if we do not gather the courage to overcome our fears about vaccination.

In the new campaign film, historical figures and famous Hungarians encourage everyone to get vaccinated, while they also tell us why they would vaccinate themselves.

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The campaign film also highlights that vaccination is not the real risk, but that of the current situation persisting for too long.

Featured photo illustration via mok.hu