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Hungarian Medals at Canoe European Championships

admin 2014.07.14.

The Hungarian canoe and kayak team had a successful weekend at this weekend’s ECA Senior Canoe Sprint European Championships, held in Brandenburg an der Havel, Germany. Hungary has won 8 gold medals and 5 silver medals, surpassing high expectations and topping the medal table.

Botond Strocz, head coach of Hungary, expected about 8 to 10 medals from his team. As he put it before the race, “if we display the same performance as in Montemor-o-Velho last year, I shall be satisfied.” The 2013 competition resulted in 11 medals altogether, and has been surpassed by this year’s 12 medals.

The medal table, complete with the Hungarian medals:


1 Hungary85013
2 Germany63211
3 Belarus4228
4 Russia33713
5 Czech Republic2013


Photo:  Facebook/emcanoesprintbrandenburg