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Hungarian Man Faces €2500 Fine Or Prison For Holocaust-Denying Facebook Rant

By Ferenc Sullivan // 2016.01.06.

A Hungarian court has sentenced a man to a HUF 800 000 fine or 400 days in custody for a Holocaust denying comment on social media.

Facebook user Norbert J., of Dömös, near Budapest, was handed the sentence by the Esztergom district court for a foul-mouth comment which saw him branding the mass murder of Jews during the Second World War “Holohoax” beneath an interview with rabbi Slomó Köves, shared by the Action and Protection Foundation (TEV).

The man will have to serve 400 days in detention if he fails to pay the HUF 800 000 (EUR 2500) fine. During the procedure, Mr. J. acknowledged that he authored the comment and penned a letter of apology in which he claimed that he wrote the insult after becoming angered by an article on the “Holocaust industry”.

The sentence was aggravated by the fact that the man has previous convictions. The article reporting on the case notes that the man published several other pieces of anti-Semitic content on his Facebook timeline.