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The Hungarian Lighting Flower Got International Award

By Robert Velkey // 2017.05.25.

There is a great Hungarian invention you haven’t heard of: the luminous flower. This unique thing got the Hungarian Quality Product Award this year and the company had huge plans for the future too: they wanted to conquer the whole world with their plants.


They did it, the flAvatar got the bronze award on the international A’ Design Award & Competitionre. The product of Richárd Kun is got a appreciative third place in the category of lighting design projects.


But what are we talking about? “flAvatar – Lighting Flowers” is exactly what its name suggests: flowers that glow in the dark. It’s nothing harmful or gene manipulated. FlAVATAR Magical Flowers are custom developed products where cut flowers and pot plants are treated with a 100% plant-based substance on their surfaces that makes them glow in the dark.