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Hungarian Left-Wing Parties Officially Have a Candidate for President


After gaining the support of Green party LMP today, Legal scholar and former Ombudsman of the Hungarian National Assembly László Majtényi now has enough support to become the left-wing opposition’s nominee for President of the Republic of Hungary.

With their statement, LMP has joined with DK (the Democratic Coalition) and MSZP (The Hungarian Socialist Party) in supporting Majtényi for the position of President.

And while LMP (Politics Can Be Different) has chosen to support Majtényi’s presidential bid, the party also made clear that it would prefer it if the people were allowed to vote for this position “that represents the unity of the nation.” (In Hungary, the President of the Republic is a chiefly ceremonial position, one that is voted on by the National Assembly. Any potential candidate must receive a two-thirds majority in the parliament in order to be elected as President).

Mr. Majtényi will be competing for the presidential post with current President of the Republic János Áder, who is the Fidesz-KDNP governing coalition’s candidate for the post. Mr. Áder’s current presidential mandate term will end this spring.

Far-right party Jobbik earlier decided not to take part in the election, citing their view that the people, not parliament, should choose who becomes president.

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