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Hungarian Jump Roper Dazzles Judges of America’s Got Talent

Fanni Kaszás 2018.06.29.

Although the judges of the popular talent show, America’s Got Talent were a bit skeptical about jump roping at first, Hungarian-born Vivien Vajda dazzled them and the audience with her breathtaking and innovative routine. 

You can watch her routine and the responses of the judges below:

After her routine finished, the audience greeted Vajda with a standing ovation. Judge Mel B agreed, saying, “that was brilliant! Those tricks you were doing were so complicated.” Heidi Klum suggested that Vajda could make her jump roping even more interesting by incorporating fire in the next round. Simon Cowell admitted that the uniqueness of her performance reminded him why he prefers these talent shows to singing contests.

After the overwhelmingly positive responses, Vajda broke down in tears, admitting to being bullied by former teammates and told she would never make it. She received four yeses from the jury. was able to speak with Vajda. She said that at the age of ten she watched her very first jump roping show in a shopping mall and instantly fell in love with the sport because of it’s exciting combination of gymnastic, acrobatic and artistic skills. At the age of 15, she won a gold and silver medal at her first world competition in England. Since then, she has won several tournaments both in the freestyle and speed categories and has 14 world champion titles to her name.

She attended two Olympic games and in 2016 in Rio, she even carried the Olympic flame. Vajda has competed and held workshops all over the world, including Japan, Malaysia, Canada, most of Europe and the United States. In addition to this, the 24-year-old completed university, speaks 6 languages and teaches disadvantaged children in her spare time.

She worked tirelessly to achieve her dreams and believes this is the most important message she can share with others:

If you really work hard for what you love, and share this love with others, miracles can happen.

America’s Got Talent is a huge opportunity for Vajda to introduce jump roping – and herself – to a wider audience while sharing her passion for the sport.