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Despite the travel agreement between the governments of Hungary and Croatia, Hungarian immunity certificates alone will not be sufficient to cross the border, the Hungarian Foreign Ministry reports. While Hungarian immunity certificates are provided after the first inoculation, to travel to Croatia, individuals must have had their second inoculation at least two weeks prior, with the documents to prove it.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó previously stated that Hungary and Croatia have bilaterally agreed to accept one another’s immunity certificates, but there are conditions to travelling to Croatia that a Hungarian immunity card does not meet.

Six Countries Agree to Recognise Hungarian Immunity Certificate
Six Countries Agree to Recognise Hungarian Immunity Certificate

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According to the Foreign Ministry, Hungarians travelling to Croatia must also bring the certification of vaccination on paper, which has both their first and second vaccinations recorded. If their second inoculation happened at least 14 days ago, they can enter Croatia.

Accompanied children under the age of seven are exempt from this regulation, PCR testing, and quarantine. However, their parents accompanying them must meet the conditions set forth.

Furthermore, everyone travelling to Croatia must inform Croatian border guards about where they will be staying and for how long. Those staying for an extended period of time must provide the exact address.

The benefit of these strict regulations is that once in Croatia, Hungarians will be able to enjoy the same benefits as those who have a Croatian immunity certificate.

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EU Nations Creating Bilateral Solutions to Immunity Certificate Travel

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Not only do these regulations stop quarantine-free travel for those who have only been vaccinated once, but they also show that bilateral travel agreements do not automatically mean the opportunity to travel for those with immunity certificates.

Featured photo illustration by Csaba Jászai/MTVA