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Hungarian Hotel Association Demands New Regulations On AirBnB

Tamás Székely 2016.11.14.

Hotel industry and Airbnb home sharing should be regulated in the same way, according to to Hungarian Hotel Association (MSZSZ). Ákos Niklai, head of MSZSZ, told daily Magyar Nemzet, that they made a concrete proposal on how to regulate the sector in the future.


Explaining the hotels’ difficulties, Niklai referred to a fresh research made by BDO. The consulting firm’s report shows that the capacity of private home sharing in Budapest rose 100 percent between 2010 and 2015, while on Airbnb’s website guest turnover increased sixfold over the past years. There are more than 9 thousand offers currently in Budapest on Airbnb, and last year about 2,2 million guest preferred this type of service to traditional accommodations in the Hungarian capital.

Airbnb’s breaktrough makes a severe headache for many Hungarian hotels, who now urge authorities to apply the same rules on home sharing as on hotel industry. According to Niklai, the following rules should be enforced as soon as possible:

  • only apartments with “appropriate papers” should be allowed to rent out
  • Airbnb should disclose the licence numbers of the apartments on its website
  • owners of the private homes should send detailed information on their home sharing activity to the local council and to the tax office on a regular basis
  • in case of short-term rentals, days of rental activity should be limited in 120 days a year

Tensions between Airbnb, hotel industry and city councils have risen in recent years not only in Hungary but worldwide. In Berlin a recently approved law bans almost all kind of short-term rentals, and Barcelona and Amsterdam are also imposing steep fines for listings that violate laws there.