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Hungarian Hospital Association: Cutting the Number of Emergency Rooms Could Boost the Quality of Health Services

Gábor Sarnyai 2018.11.19.

According to a survey conducted by the Hungarian Hospital Association, at least two-thirds of Hungarian emergency wards face daily challenges caused by an overflow of patients and a shortage of qualified workers, daily Magyar Idők said on Monday.

Deputy head of the association, Andrea Ficzere, told the paper that “it would make sense” to consider cutting a number of the existing emergency wards in order to boost the services of those remaining—especially in Budapest.

Other malfunctions of the healthcare system have had a detrimental effect on emergency medicine. The serious deficiencies of outpatient services and primary care have led many patients to seek out emergency wards. In fact, this is often done to merely avoid waiting in long lines, Ficzere said. She also highlighted that a low level of health awareness among patients produces unnecessary emergency visits. People simply don’t know which department to visit.

However, the lack of doctors and qualified workers places an even bigger burden on employees, she said. Many hospitals are forced to direct employees from other departments to the emergency wards to ensure secure operation.

According to Ficzere, the high level of working hours undertaken by emergency medical practitioners presents a major challenge for the institution’s leaders. Some doctors seek 7000-12000 HUF (30-40 EUR) per hour which causes hospitals to struggle financially. Ficzere proposed introducing a wage ceiling in order to stop the wage spiral resulting from the workforce shortage.

Via: MTI/Magyar Idők