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Major Changes Set For Hungarian Higher Education, State Secretary Hints

Tamás Székely 2015.07.31.

Hungary needs to make significant changes in its higher education system in order to make it sustainable, state secretary in charge of higher education said on national TV channel M1 on Thursday night. László Palkovics said that systemic problems had prompted the Ministry of Human Capacities to initiate changes in 2013, and the higher education strategy for 2014 had also recognised the need for a change.

László Palkovics added that the Ministry has established joint working groups, involving higher education institutions and student bodies, in order to identify the necessary changes, and the results of their findings will be finalised by this August. He said that the goal is to raise the standard of higher education and to tackle the problem of low student numbers where required.

The state secrtary mentioned some of the structural and operational changes, such as creating an independent veterinary university, a separate faculty of forestry at Sopron University, and relocation of Budapest Corvinus University’s horticultural and food industry faculties to Szent István University.

A week ago some 72 000 of the total of 105 000 applicants were admitted to Hungary’s a higher education institution after admission thresholds for individual university programmes were disclosed for next year. The highest number of students applied to Hungary’s largest university, the Budapest-based ELTE, followed by Szeged and Debrecen University.

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