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Hungarian High School And Secondary School Graduates Begin Final Exam Period

Tamás Székely 2017.05.08.

The line of matriculation exams has started today morning in Hungary with students in their final, fourth or fifth secondary school year writing papers in Hungarian Grammar and Literature, as well as Hungarian as a Foreign Language exams.

Nyíregyháza, 2017. május 8. Magyar nyelv és irodalom írásbeli érettségi vizsga a nyíregyházi Sipkay Barna Kereskedelmi Vendéglátóipari Idegenforgalmi Szakgimnáziumban 2017. május 8-án. MTI Fotó: Balázs Attila

According to the statistics of the Hungarian education authority, this year 108,500 baccalaureates set to the table and grabbed a pen to write the test. 74000 of them have 240 minutes to write their tests in Hungarian Grammar and Literature tests, beginning at 8:00 a.m. Monday morning. Students have to fill out two sheets; for the comprehension part 60 minutes and for the text creation part 180 minutes remains for them.

The comprehension part contains a journalistic text on romantic poet Sándor Petőfi’s personal “image-building” to read through and give the correct answers about the text. There is an argumentation task on popular science writing as well and they also have to write an imaginary motivation letter to apply for a position at a local public transport company. In the text creation part of the exam students have to analyze a short story from writer Dezső Kosztolányi or make a comparitive analysis of a well-known Attila József and a Miklós Radnóti poem.

The final exam period will continue with written Mathematics exams on Tuesday, with history exams on Wednesday and with English and German language exams on Thursday and Friday respectively. Most of the oral exams will be held in June.

via MTI, photos: Attila Balázs – MTI