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Hungarian Handball Team Lands in Euro 2020 Main Round With Sensational Victory

Fanni Kaszás 2020.01.16.

The Hungarian handball team advanced to the next, main round of the European Championship with a sensational victory over Iceland and pushed Denmark out of group E. Hungarians beat the strong Icelandic team 24-18 in the qualification round, moving forward as first of their group. 

The Hungarian team made a great start, with a 3-0 advantage in six minutes, but after a 10-minute Hungarian goal silence, they got far behind the opponent. The Hungarian team began to rush and made several mistakes. The Icelandic team led by five points in the first half of the match, but the Hungarians came back and reduced the score, 12-9 and the Icelandic advantage. The collapsing Icelandic team was finally beaten by the Hungarians by six, scoring just six goals in the second half. With the victory, Hungary advanced to the next round of the EHF Euro2020 as first in the group, taking 2 points to the main rounds.

The handball team uploaded the best moments of the match against Iceland on their official Facebook page:

The stake is great for the seven teams, as two Olympic qualifying places can be won at the European Championship. Iceland, Slovenia, Portugal, Austria, Czech Republic, Belarus, and Hungary are fighting for these places. The Hungarian men’s handball team will continue the European Championship with four more difficult matches in the semi-finals, with Norway, Slovenia, Sweden, and Portugal respectively.

featured photo: MKSZ/Kovács Anikó