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Hungarian Govt to Send 130-Page Long Explanation to EPP

Júlia Tar 2019.03.27.

Fidesz requested to be suspended from the European People’s Party (EPP) in order to allow itself time to figure out its next move. Katalin Novák, Vice President of Fidesz, said it is important to think hard about what kind of Europe we want to live in and emphasized the importance of Hungarians being able to stay Hungarians inside the EU. 

On Wednesday, TV channel M1 interviewed Fidesz Vice President Novák. She announced that Hungary’s goal is to reverse the damage done to the country at the hands of “fake news.” This is why, as a first step, the government is sending a 130-page long document to the EPP. In it, the government will deny said accusations point by point.

‘Three Wise Men’ to Monitor Whether Fidesz Meets EPP’s Conditions

She was careful to emphasize that the government’s focus is not on defense, but on the future.

The suspension might lead to Fidesz’s final divorce from the EPP. “What political community they will belong to” will be determined in May, Novák said.

featured photo by Tibor Illyés/MTI