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Hungarian Government to Support NGOs Assisting People with Disabilities

By Tom Szigeti // 2017.08.15.

According to Károly Czibere, State Secretary for Social Affairs and Inclusion at Hungary’s Human Resources Ministry, the government is launching a 171.5 million forint (560,000 euro) tender available to NGOs that help people living with disabilities and their families.

Czibere added that the tenders are open until Wednesday to organizations that operate local, regional, or national plans to combat seclusion and improve the lives of people with disabilities, according to wire service MTI.

The State Secretary added that the ministry’s goal is to enable NGOs to “develop or introduce services that promote integration and improve the quality of life” of people living with disabilities. Czibere claimed that the Orbán government is not neglecting families caring for children or family members with disabilities, and intends to provide them with any aid it can, including through monetary support for NGOs offering services in this field.

Czibere’s announcement comes on the heels of significant moments of controversy on the place of NGOs in Hungarian society. The government passed a  law requiring civil groups receiving foreign donations above a certain threshold to register as organizations funded from abroad, a move which has drawn international condemnation, as well as the European Commission‘s launching of infringement procedures against Hungary.

Via MTI and Hungary Matters

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