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Hungarian Government Considers Legal Action Against The New York Times Over Refugee’s Abuse Claims

By Ferenc Sullivan // 2016.01.08.

The Hungarian government will consider further legal action concerning untrue allegations concerning the Hungary published in The New York Times if the newspaper fails to meet the Hungarians state’s request of correction, government spokesman Zoltán Kovács has told the Hungarian daily Magyar Idők.


In a story published by the US newspaper, a Syrian refugee woman claimed that she had been seriously abused by a Hungarian prison guard after refusing his advances. According to the Hungarian prison service, the situation described by the woman could not have occurred because Hungarian correctional institutions house exclusively adult males in detention pending deportation; Hungarian prison guards did not and could have not assumed contact with females arriving with the immigration wave, it is argued.

The Hungarian government requested the correction of allegations concerning the country through the foreign ministry and the Hungarian consulate in New York City because the article accuses an employee of the correctional service, subordinated to the Ministry of Interior, with a criminal offence.

The newspaper has so far failed to reply to the request, meaning that it is improbable that the allegations will be corrected with the paper’s cooperation, Magyar Idők points out.