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Hungarian Goalkeeper Péter Gulácsi Named Bundesliga’s Top Performer This Season

Ábrahám Vass 2019.05.20.

According to leading German sports magazine Kicker‘s matchday ratings, RB Leipzig goalkeeper Péter Gulácsi performed best in Bundesliga’s past season.

The biweekly evaluates footballers after each championship game, rating them on a scale of one (excellent) to five (poor). With an average score of 2.61, Gulácsi emerged as the winner of the entire league. Interestingly, every player in the top eight is a goalkeeper. Borussia Dortmund’s Roman Bürki and SC Freiburg’s Alexander Schwolow follow Gulácsi in the standings.

Péter Gulácsi is currently the Hungarian national team’s no. 1. goalkeeper. In fact, he has earned 25 caps to date. Gulácsi began his career with BVSC before signing with MTK, Hungary’s no. 1. youth football center at the time. In 2007, English star club Liverpool FC picked him to play for its reserve squad. When he got older, the team loaned him to various English lower league sides. In 2013, Austrian RB Salzburg signed him for two seasons. In 2015, he transferred to RB Leipzig, another club run by Red Bull.

With RB Leipzig, he has earned 99 Bundesliga caps to date. In the 2016/2017 season, he was the runner-up and also entered the Champions League. Aside from the previous season’s bronze medal, the team is yet to contest Bayern München for the German cup. According to Transfermarkt, Gulácsi’s current market value is estimated at Eur 10 million, making him the second most valuable Hungarian player.

Goalkeeper Gulácsi Wins Hungarian Golden Ball

Gulácsi’s team-mate Willi Orbán (2,93) finished 19th in the same ranking, making him Bundesliga’s best defender. He chose to play for the Hungarian national football team last year and, according to Transfermarkt, is currently the most valuable Hungarian player.

Moreover, Hoffenheim’s striker Ádám Szalai finished 89th (3.40) in the same ranking. Though he entered the pitch as a substitute the majority of the time, he still appeared in 30 games and scored six times. Freiburg’s striker Roland Sallai, one of Hungarian football’s top talents, played only eight matches this season due to injuries. While he had too few appearances to warrant a rating, he still scored twice and earned the magazine’s best possible rating in his debut match.

featured image via Péter Gulácsi- Facebook