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Hungarian Goalkeeper Ádám Bogdán Discusses Champions League Final and His Future in Liverpool

Ábrahám Vass 2018.05.31.

Although a long time passed since Ádám Bogdán even sat on Liverpool’s bench, he is still part of the team and was present at the club’s defeat (1-3) in last Saturday’s Champions League’s final against Real Madrid in Kiev, Ukraine. He recently spoke to a Hungarian sports show, an interview that has gained special significance in light of the fact that Liverpool’s starting goalie, Loris Karius, was the night’s antihero for club fans. 

Bogdán flew from Budapest to Kiev, and then from there back to Liverpool with the team, hoping for a celebration. Bogdán added that the whole night was rather surreal, as everyone, including fans, arrived in Ukraine with a very optimistic mood, that no one expected that it would end like this.

Even though Loris Karius made two fatal errors in the second half which resulted in easy scores for the Spanish and eventually led to the English’s side defeat, according to Bogdán the final’s turning point was Sergio Ramos’s controversial foul in the first half, which ended with Liverpool’s world-class forward Mohamed Salah’s shoulder injury and early substitution. According to him, the absence of Liverpool’s fastest and most dangerous player made Real Madrid a lot calmer and more confident. In addition, he argued that Liverpool’s squad is considerably younger, while this was Real Madrid’s third consecutive final, meaning that experience was definitely on their side as well.

When asked on his and Karius’s future at the English club, the Hungarian goalie claimed that things depend on whether Jürgen Klopp likes Karius and sees potential in him professionally or not. If yes, than the famed German trainer can move on and pardon him, although Bogdán wryly added that this was not the case with him. The Hungarian also noted that, at the moment, the press is highly critical of the German goalkeeper, and that so far Klopp has seemingly tried to avoid taking a stand against the media.

Ádám Bogdán with Loris Karius at a training in Liverpool. Photo: John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

In total, Ádám Bogdán has made six appearances in his three years with the club, and became the second senior Hungarian footballer to wear Liverpool’s kit. Although he saved a number of penalties, he has also made two serious mistakes, thus sadly enough he quickly lost trust among coaches and was deemed redundant after the arrival of Loris Karius. As a consequence, in 2016, he asked club management to loan him to Championship (English 2nd division) side Wigan Athletic, where he suffered a serious knee injury after just 17 matches. Following a long recovery, at the moment he is the fourth goalkeeper in Liverpool’s roster after Karius, Belgian Simon Mignolet and Welsh Danny Ward.

Ádám Bogdán’s contract with Livepool is due to expire in June 2019, after which he is likely to leave the Mersey side. He claimed that while he is still in love with the Premier League, the Italian championship and mentality is equally attractive to him, while the fact that he hasn’t played a single game in the last one and half years has definitely make things more complicated when it comes to finding a new team.


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image via Richard Heathcote/ Getty Images

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