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Hungarian Foreign Minister Visits Emirates To Resolve Migrant Crisis

Ferenc Sullivan 2016.03.02.

Péter Szijjártó, the Hungarian Foreign Minister and his United Emirates counterpart were in agreement on Tuesday that the migrant crisis and pressure on Europe cannot be resolved without restoring peace in Syria and defeating terrorism. The speakers agreed that the European open-arms migrant policy must be abandoned.

Mr. Szijjártó told MTI, Hungary’s state news agency, on the first day of his visit to Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, that not only does central part of Europe see the migrant issue this way but the standpoint in the Gulf states is the same. The handling of the root of the crisis was not progressing. He said, “Conflicts in the Middle East are constantly deeping while the fight against the Islamic State terrorist organization is missing a breakthrough, and European leaders are only talking about the importance of protecting the external borders while nothing of any note is happening on this score”. The minister said that Hungary and the UAE agree on the need for a settlement to the Syrian crisis based on US-Russia cooperation and enchancement of the fight against ISIS.


Europe is currently defenceless, and it is not enough to entrust Turkey with handling of the migrant crisis on its own, he said, explaining that Hungary’s foreign ministry estimates that 30-35 million people from war and conflict zones and areas of economic deprivation could potentially cross the European Union’s southern and south-eastern borders. Both Hungary and the UAE agree it is a must be done to help refugees stay nearby their homelands, to be able to return home as the peace is restored.

The meeting was about economy questions also, and it was agreed to establish a Hungary-Dubai business forum in which 35 Hungarian companies will be represented in Dubai.