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Being in what is likely the most difficult matchup of the 2020 European Football Championship, everyone is curious about how Hungary will fair against Portugal, Germany, and France. While the Hungarian national football team’s odds of making it through the group stage are statistically low, fans and athletes are still showing their support, emphasizing that any accomplishment will be significant here.

Sports daily Nemzeti Sport asked Hungarian football fans about the national team’s chances in Group F, also known as the “group of death.” There appears to be strong support and confidence despite the odds.

Hungarians mostly predicted that the team will win three points in the group stage, whether through goals or through ties, and that they have the highest likelihood of success against Germany and Portugal.

Marco Rossi Optimistic About Hungary's Chances in "Group of Death"
Marco Rossi Optimistic About Hungary's Chances in

Hungary faces European Football's best teams right from the start, but the head coach is willing to bet that Hungary will finish second in the group.Continue reading

One fan said that “we ended up in a difficult group, but we should dare to dream big.” Another said that regardless of points, being against the world’s best soccer teams, if Hungary can put on a good show at any of its matches fans will be proud.

Midfielder Kalmár: Every Opportunity Must be Put to Use

Zsolt Kalmár, midfielder of the Hungarian national team, is unable to play due to an injury, but he shared his insight on Hungary’s chances in Group F. Kalmár says Hungary will play differently in each match, focusing mainly on offense, and that the team needs to be careful not to leave too many openings for their opponents to take advantage of.

There are exceptional teams in our group, but we have already shown that we are capable of creating opportunities. I am certain that there will be openings for scoring goals, and such opportunities need to be taken advantage of mercilessly.”

One Week Until EURO Kick-off: What Are Hungary's Chances in the Toughest Group?
One Week Until EURO Kick-off: What Are Hungary's Chances in the Toughest Group?

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The fact that the Hungarians are facing off against stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, and Kylian Mbappé is seen by Kalmár as an opportunity to show what we are capable of. Kalmár is certain that no matter who Hungary is up against, everyone needs to be confident in a successful European Championship.

I am confident that our national team will be one of the teams to surprise the European Championship with its performance, and if we make it past the group stage, I will consider that as extra bravura.”

Head to Head with Cristiano Ronaldo

When it comes to stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, midfielder Dávid Sigér is confident that Hungary will not falter. Sigér and his teammate, forward Szabolcs Schön, spoke to reporters in Telki on their upcoming match against Portugal.

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Hungarian Footballer Willi Orban Receives Major Acknowledgment in Bundesliga

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Sigér said that those who have played for Ferencváros already have experience against the Portuguese legend, experience which they will be able to put to use in their next match.

Every good player, Cristiano Ronaldo included, can be stopped with teamwork. If one of us is not successful against him, there will be a teammate who is there to help.”

When asked who Hungary has the highest chance of scoring points against, Sigér said he is uncertain, but that he is looking forward to their match against Portugal.

We would like to score goals and win points, but we could not say who we have the highest chances against, or at which match the stars will align.”

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Schön and Sigér also brought up that Hungary tied 3-3 against Portugal in the last European Championship of 2016, which was no small feat. Now Hungary is set to face off against the Portuguese in the first game of Group F on Tuesday at 18:00, hopefully to break that draw.

Featured photo illustration by Tibor Illyés/MTI