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Hungarian Football Supporters Commemorate the Martyrs of Arad on Banners

Fanni Kaszás 2018.10.08.

On 6th October 1849, thirteen military leaders of the failed Hungarian War for Independence, the ‘martyrs of Arad,’ were executed in a painful and humiliating fashion as a result of the brutal reprisals of the war. The day was officially declared the “Day of National Mourning” by the Hungarian government in 2001.

Every year, the whole country and Hungarian communities across the Carpathian basin and the world commemorate the thirteen martyred generals. On Budapest’s Kossuth square in front of the Parliament building, the Hungarian national flag is lowered with military honors in the presence of diplomatic guests and country officials.

“Long Live My Country! Come On, Huntsmen!” – Hungary Commemorates The Fourteen Martyrs Of 6 October 1849

This year, Hungarians not only honored the martyrs with official commemorations but also with sporting events across the country. You can view the pictures on the Facebook page ‘Hungarian Fanatics.

The Ferencváros-Debrecen football match:

photo: Hungarian Fanatics

Érd-Mosonmagyaróvár Women’s handball match:

photo: Hungarian Fanatics

The Újpest supporters also commemorated the generals and Batthyány during the Újpest-Felcsút Academy football match: