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Hungarian Football Ref Viktor Kassai Says Video Refereeing Eliminates Major Errors

Tom Szigeti 2016.12.28.

In an interview with Hungarian state media’s Kossuth Rádió last Friday, internationally-known football referee Viktor Kassai discussed the value of the video assistant referee (VAR) system in eliminating major mistakes committed by referees during matches.

Earlier this month, Kassai made history, employing VAR technology to award a penalty for the Japanese club Kashima Antlers during their FIFA Club World Cup Semi-final match against Atletico Nacional of Colombia, a game that the Antlers would go on to win. This was the first-ever live-trial of video refereeing technology, and the Hungarian Kassai was the referee (check out the video of the event here).

Discussing this new way of refereeing on the show Sportvilág (Sport World), Kassai said that “VAR is a useful technology as it enables us, referees, not to make big blunders. Of course, there will still remain situations which can be judged in different ways, but cases when something is seen by everyone in the stadium except the referee will become a thing of the past.”

Via MTI and Hungary Matters

Image via realmadrid.com