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Hungarian Football Legend Pál Dárdai Celebrates 100th Game as Manager of Berlin’s Hertha BSC

Tom Szigeti 2017.12.22.

Famed Hungarian footballer Pál Dárdai marked yet another milestone in his career, with his 100th game as manager of Hertha BSC, a club based in Berlin. In an interview with German sports magazine Kicker, Dárdai discussed the significance of this event, as well as his future plans.

Discussing his 100th match as manager, the 41-year-old Hungarian said that

I would be happy to break the club record set by Helmut Kronsbein, who from 1966 to 1974 sat through 212 matches. That would be very nice. As manager, however, I’m always just planning for the next week.

The former interim manager of Hungary’s national football team said that, while Hertha might get tired of him some day, at the end of the day it’s up to the players how long their coach remains.

Dárdai joined Hertha in 1997 as a player, and took the field for the Berlin team in 297 games. Further discussing his current work as manager, a position he has held since 2015, he said that

“If one day, I no longer go into work with such enthusiasm, then I will let the manager know and I will leave Hertha.” He added, however, that currently he is focused on his dreams to make it into the Cup finals and the Champions League.

Via MTI, index.hu, and kicker.de

Image via origo.hu