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Hungarian Teenager Wins LEGO Competition With Foosball Table

Dorottya Zalay 2021.06.28.

A young Hungarian boy, Donát Fehérvári’s foosball table proved to be the most brilliant idea at the ‘Lego Ideas’ competition. The 16-year-old winner’s creation will become a product of Lego. 

Fehérvári’s working foosball table made out of Lego pieces and figures triumphed among more than 800 entries in the ‘We love sports!’ round of Lego’s ‘Ideas’ competition, which invited people to submit their own creations built from existing Lego pieces. The Hungarian teenager’s creation collected the most votes at the Lego Con event on Saturday.

Despite the fact that Fehérvári’s creation consists exclusively of Lego pieces, the beams are moveable and turnable, and the teams have score counters, so anyone can play with this miniature foosball table measuring 55 x 30 centimeters.

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The foosball table designed by Fehérvári will soon be available for purchase from Lego. The engineers of Lego will refine, or even significantly modify the original design, but the young winner will receive royalties from the sales.

The competition had previously witnessed the success of another Hungarian competitor, too. In 2016, Máté Szabó claimed victory with his creation ‘Steamboat Willie’ (Mickey Mouse’s ship), which became available in Lego stores in 2019.

Featured photo via Lego Ideas’ website