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Hungarian Folk Dance Group’s Amazing Success On Britain’s Got Talent

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.05.11.

Following in the footsteps of the Attraction shadow theatre, the Hungarian dance ensemble Fricska has become the latest Hungarian group to appear on the British talent show Britan’s Got Talent to enormous acclaim.

“We can now disclose that over the past few months, we have been to London several times to appear on the talent show Britain’s Got Talent, where we showed many what the Hungarian “Fricska” [meaning “flick”] means! Nothing proves this better than the video below, which has been seen by over 70 000 people in one day! Thank you!”, the folk dance group, based in the town of Gödöllő near Budapest, wrote on its Facebook page.

Last year, the three members of the dance group set an international record by performing 3937 clacks and strikes in a two-minute dance session to beat the fastest dance rythm in the world.

The group is comprised of dancers Ahmed Moussa, Gergely Bálint Papp and Máté Bence Papp.

photo: Fricska/Facebook