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Hungarian Fighter Planes On Flight Above Estonia

Tamás Székely 2014.12.12.

The Ämari Air Base welcomed Hungarian ambassador to Helsinki and designated ambassador to Estonia Kristóf Forrai, who attended the visit of the Gripen fighter planes of the Hungarian Air Force on 10 December, 2014. The Hungarian Ambassador expressed the firm commitment of Hungary to take part in the NATO Baltic Air Policing Mission.

Kristóf Forrai stressed that Hungary considers the security and peace of Estonia and the entire Baltic region extremely important. The presence of the Hungarian Air Force Gripens assures the Estonian people that they can rely on their Hungarian friends and relatives, he said. The Hungarian airmen will patrol the Baltic sky for four months in 2015. The pilots and the support staff will consist of approximately 90 men and women.

The Ambassador reminded that around 140 soldiers of the Hungarian „Bocskai Infantry Battalion” took part in November in a joint exercise of the NATO troops in Lithuania with the same mission of protecting the Baltic region. Forrai met the Chief of Staff of Estonian Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Riivo Valge and the Commander of Ämari Air Base Lieutenant Colonel Rauno Sirk. Lt Col Valge expressed the gratitude of Estonian Air Force for the arrival of the Hungarian Air Force unit that will take part in the Baltic Air Policing Rotation next year.

Ämari Air Base is a recently renovated air base in Estonia. It has already demonstrated the capability to receive and serve various NATO and other friendly aircrafts. Currently it is home to a German Air Force deployment equipped with Eurofighters that participates in the Baltic Air Policing Mission.

via kormany.hu photo: wikimedia