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Hungarian Eurojackpot Billionaire Winner Continues to Play Lottery

Fanni Kaszás 2020.01.15.

The lucky winner of Hungary’s all-time-record lottery prize of 30 million Euros has submitted their claim, according to Szerencsejáték Zrt. It is very rare in Hungary to find out personal information about lottery winners, but the Hungarian winner of the Eurojackpot anonymously filled out the winners’ questionnaire, so the lottery player shared some information about their gaming process and logic, as well as their personal life.

Record Hungarian Lottery Winner Submits Claim

The prize was won in a Eurojackpot game on November 22, 2019. The lucky winner had 90 days to show up to collect their prize – EUR 30 million (10 billion HUF), which occurred a few days ago. The player revealed in the questionnaire that he/she submitted the winning coupon in the countryside, which was played individually, using personally chosen numbers.

It has also been revealed that the winner has been playing Eurojackpot every week for several years now, however, has not won a significant sum until now. The winner’s only ritual connected to the lottery was always to submit the coupon on the same day of the week. The individual was informed by a lottery shop that they had won, which the winner immediately told their spouse.

The player said that a small amount of the jackpot will be used for travel, buying a car and a flat, but they will also use the money for charity causes and invest part of it with the help of a financial investor. In addition, the winner stated that their immediate family would also benefit from the prize. As to the question of whether the lucky winner will stop playing the lottery, the answer was clear: no way would they stop, and would definitely continue to play even after taking home the Eurojackpot.

featured photo: Pixabay