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Gov’t Launches Scholarship for Young Diaspora Hungarians

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.11.24.

The government has launched a scholarship scheme for young people living in Hungarian diaspora worldwide with the aim of strengthening their Hungarian identity and bonds with Hungary, the foreign minister told MTI on Tuesday.

Applications can be submitted for bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree education in 1,300 programmes at 28 Hungarian higher education institutions, Péter Szijjártó said. The language of education will be Hungarian or English and applications for the first 2021/2022 school year can be submitted by January 24, 2021, he said.

“Upon completion of the programme, we expect young graduates to return to their communities and engage in community work for two years helping the preservation of Hungarian culture, language and identity,” Szijjártó said.

The programme is available for Hungarian diaspora members living in any country outside the European Union, the Republic of Serbia and the Transcarpathia region of Ukraine.

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“This Government Thinks in Terms of Nationality, not in Borders” – Interview with Péter Szilágyi

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Applications can be submitted by diaspora members aged above 18 if they hold a Hungarian citizenship or have Hungarian ancestry.

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Featured photo illustration by Csaba Jászai/MTVA