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Hungarian Diaspora In The Highlights Of The Hungarian Government Árpád János Potápi Speech In The Knesset

By Robert Velkey // 2017.03.08.

The Hungarian government pays special attention to Hungarians living in the diaspora, the state secretary for Hungarian communities abroad told a conference held in the Knesset where he presented some of the most important schemes for young diaspora Hungarians living outside the Carpathian Basin.


Árpád János Potápi told the event dubbed Diasporas 2017 – International Seminar that thanks to the Sándor Kőrösi Csoma program launched by the government in 2013, the number of participants in the scholarship scheme increased from 100 to 115. Potápi said Hungarian weekend schools operating in the diaspora also played an important role. In its strategy approved last November, the Hungarian Diaspora Council set the development of weekend schools and their integration into the education system of Hungary and the host country as a key target, he added.

Potápi called the introduction of simplified procedures for granting Hungarian citizenship the greatest achievement of Hungary’s policy towards Hungarian communities abroad. Since the simplified procedures were launched, the number of Hungarian citizens has increased by 940,000 beyond Hungary’s borders.