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Hungarian-Designed Evoro Buses To Be Built In Moscow


A joint Hungarian-Russian company could be founded in Moscow to produce composite-structure buses developed by the Hungarian Evoro group, the company’s chairman and owner Csaba Mészáros said after holding talks in the Russian capital.

The firm is to established a joint company with the Nanotechnological Centre for Composites of Russia (NCC) to supplement a technological agreement created between the two firms last year. Moscow will provide a loan for the establishment of the company and guarantees that it will order at least 200 Evoro buses per annum for at least ten years, Mr. Mészáros said.
The Kazakh news agency Interfax-Kazakhstan reported on Tuesday that Evoro is planning to manufacture buses in the western part of the country, with the Hungarian company working on cooperation with a production plant in the city of Uralsk.
The Hungarian company head also told the state news agency MTI that the firm is planning to introduce the specimen model of its composite-structure bus made according to Russian standards at an industrial fair to open in the city of Yekaterinburg, near the Ural Mountains, on 12 July.
Péter Molnár, Director of Engineering at Evoro’s Russian partner NCC, told MTI that their company will continue to manufacture the light bodyworks, made of composite material, for the Modulo bus family designed by Hungarian engineers at Evoro. He added that the Hungarian company is planning to sell the licence of the vehicle, fitted with Hungarian-made landing gear, gearbox and electronic devices, to the Russian city of Yekaterinburg. Upon the Russian capital’s request, however, the final assembly and servicing of the buses will be carried out by the two firms in Moscow.
photo:án Fazekas