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Hungarian Contemporary Circus Company Returns to the Biggest Arts Festival of the World

Fanni Kaszás 2018.07.06.

After last year’s success, the popular Hungarian contemporary circus company Recirquel is returning this summer to the world’s biggest festival of arts and culture with “My Land,” an artistic vision inspired by the eternal inheritance of humankind and Earth. 

The creators of last year’s hit “Paris de Nuit”—which received positive reviews from professionals and critics all over the world—present their new creation. The new show, a vision of light and shadow crafted by six stunning circus artists fusing mind-blowing skills and raw talent, will be showcased at this year’s Fringe Festival, a three-week-long celebration of culture in Edinburgh.

The play, directed by Bence Vági, will be presented a total of 23 times at the festival, which attracts nearly two million people every year with its more than 50 thousand performances of 3000 shows.

Sneak peek into Recirquel’s new performance, ‘My Land’ (photo: Recirquel)

In the performance, Vági combines contemporary dance, theater and circus art, effectively dividing the boundaries between genres in order to pave a new direction for physical theater. A unique feature of “My Land” is that it will be the first piece by Recirquel to feature only foreign guest performers. The final framework of the music is created by composers Edina Mókus Szirtes and Gábor Terjék and based on traditional nomadic Tatar, Moldavian, and Ukrainian folk motifs collected by well-known composer, performer, ethnomusicologist and Fonogram prize-winner Miklós Both.

Since its founding six years ago, Recirquel Company Budapest has toured to several places around Hungary and the world with founder and artistic director Bence Vági. Vági’s aim was to develop a unique, permissive expression of Eastern–Central Europe’s cultural heritage in the hope that it would narrow the distance between physical theatre, dance and circus—all while introducing a new genre of contemporary circus to the world.

A sneak peek into Recirquel’s new production can be found below:

The Hungarian premiere of the performance, produced by the Palace of Arts will be held on 16 October at the CAFe Budapest Contemporary Art Festival following its debut at Fringe.

via edfringe.com, recirquel.com, hvg.hu

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