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Hungarian Company On Track To Win Tender For Budapest’s New E-Bus Fleet

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.07.17.

BKV, the Hungarian capital’s public transport company, is purchasing twenty low-floor, electric midibuses to run in Budapest together with their electric charging stations under a public procurement tender.

According to the tender, the buses should be between 7.7 and 8.7 metres in length and a maximum of 2.55 metres wide – the sizes are presumed to be tailored to fit the Hungarian-designed Evo Pro Modulo bus type. Earlier midibus procurement tenders defined the vehicles’ maximum width at 2.5 metres, meaning that the additional 5-centimetre allowance is supposedly a favour to Evo Pro, reports.

The tender will close in late August and the deadline for delivering the buses is mid-December. This short period is also no obstacle to building the Evo Pro Modulo buses, as practically only assembly work has to be carried out on ready-made units. The new electricity-powered bus fleet is expected to run in Budapest’s Castle District.

The Modulo bus developed and manufactured by the Hungarian company Evo Pro is an 8-metre long zero-emission bus which can carry 65 passengers. The prototype, named Medio Electric and test-driven by Minister for National Economy Mihály Varga in the Castle in March, has an ultra-light, composite structure and is made from Hungarian components to around 57 per cent of its entire value.