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Hungarian Coat-Of-Arms: New Website Launched With Heraldic Database

Tamás Székely 2015.10.13.

As a result of  a year-long work and tireless research, a new Hungarian website has been launched publishing a comprehensive database of present-day and historic Hungarian coat-of-arms. The portal www.magyarcimerek.hu includes not only the royal, state and county symbols used throughout the country’s 1000-year-long history but also the coat of arms of the 19 Hungarian counties and 3046 settlements of today.

The website, which is in contention for the “Website of The Year 2015” title in Hungary, was created without any financial support by a creative and enthusiastic group of Hungarian software developers and graphic designers called ‘Design & System’. Thanks to its easy-to-use search engine visitors can find hundreds of coat-of-arms by names or geographic locations. In many cases local mayors, council employees, public administrators provided the history material and legal information on the coat-of-arms to the creators of the website.


Based on the collected information and research, under the leadership of graphic designer András Somogyi, the creators of the website have re-produced hundreds of Hungarian coat-of arms in high quality and resolution. Today 107 of Hungary’s 3153 settlements has no coat-of-arms at all – they never existed or lost decades or centuries ago – , however,  www.magyarcimerek.hu already said it was ready to co-operate with those local councils and heraldry experts to make up of the missing local symbols.

source: szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu and magyarcimerek.hu