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‘Radical Change of Direction’ – 10th Anniversary of Dual Citizenship Law Marked

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.08.17.

State secretary for national policy Árpád János Potápi on Sunday commemorated the tenth anniversary of the adoption of Hungary’s dual citizenship law.

Speaking at an event in Bátaszék, in south-western Hungary, at a fair organised by the local Szekler society on Sunday, Potápi said that ten years ago a radical change of direction had taken place in Hungary, most visibly reflected by the policy for Hungarian communities abroad.

Since the adoption of the law on dual citizenship on May 26, 2010, more than 1,100,000 people have been granted Hungarian citizenship, Potápi said. This has created the opportunity for all Hungarians to join the Hungarian nation in the legal sense, he added.

“This Government Thinks in Terms of Nationality, not in Borders” – Interview with Péter Szilágyi
“This Government Thinks in Terms of Nationality, not in Borders” – Interview with Péter Szilágyi

“The main purpose of our Policy for Hungarian communities abroad is to keep Hungarians living in these countries in their homeland, to prevail there and to preserve their Hungarian identities.”, claims Péter Szilágyi, the ministerial commissioner responsible for Hungarian communities abroad. Trianon means something different to a Hungarian than to a Romanian or Slovakian but […]Continue reading

He noted that the Fundamental law had made it compulsory for all Hungarian governments to address the issue of ethnic Hungarians living beyond the country’s borders. In 2014 and 2018, Hungarians with dual citizenship were also able to vote in the national elections, he noted, adding that the Hungarian parliament could be considered a national assembly as it represented the whole nation.

Featured image by Nándor Veres/MTI