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Hungarian Chocolates Win Award Branded “Oscar Prize Of Confectionery”

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.08.11.

A Hungarian brand of chocolate has become the first-ever to be recognised at the Great Taste Awards, considered the world’s most prestigious gastronomy competition, in the praliné category. The two chocolates that were granted the award were the green walnut and the Matcha-lime-ginger variety, both produced by the Sweetic chocolate manufactory based in Szigetszentmiklós, south of Budapest, founded as little as three years ago.

Judit Zala, the manufactory’s cholocate master, at work (photo: Péter Zsolnai)

The first awarded praliné, which recalls tastes familiar from Hungarian cuisine, centres around green walnut produced on an organic farm near Lake Balaton, while the second sweet is an experimentary lime-flavoured mixture of Matcha tea and ginger, coated in white chocolate.

As holder of the prestigious award, the company follows in the footsteps of internationally acclaimed Hungarian predecessors such as chocoMe, Floch, Rózsavölgyi chocolates or confectioner Tibor Szántó’s products, which have also won similar prizes – albeit in different categories – in the near past.

“It took us some consideration to pick the chocolates to send to the competition because we thought it important for members of the jury to gain a little insight into Hungarian culture and the tastes of our country in addition to our professionalism”, the manufactory’s chocolate master Judit Zala said.

The London event seeks to identify the world’s best foods and drinks in several categories since 1994. The 400-member jury, comprised of gastro critics, Michelin-starred chefs and procurement directors of well-known shopping chains, selects the best products out of tens of thousands of samples during months of blind-testing.

photo: Péter Zsolnai/