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Hungarian Chocolates Awarded at the International Chocolate Awards

Fanni Kaszás 2018.11.22.

Hungarian chocolate factories took home one bronze and four silver medals at the 2018 World Finals of the International Chocolate Awards, held between 26 October and 2 November in Florence, Italy at the historic Palazzo Ximènes-Panciatichi.

All the Hungarian factories took home awards from the flavored bar section of the competition. Both ChocoCard, with their Voatsiperifery 69% chocolate, and Harrer Chocolat, with their Peru 72% with Charapita Chili, earned silver medals in the ‘Dark chocolate bars with an infusion or flavoring’ category. Harrer, also successful in the white chocolate competition and awarded silver for their Mango Maracuja. Meanwhile, chocoMe’s Petit 21—Bite-sized milk chocolate squares with Piemonte hazelnut praline and Ethiopian Harrar coffee filling—was awarded the silver prize in the ‘Milk chocolate ganaches/truffles’ category. In the ‘Ganaches or truffles using mixed dark/milk/white for coating and fillings’ category, CsoKiss Manufaktura received the bronze award for their Gyulai Wild Elderberry bonbon.

The international judging panel was made up of Grand jury members and judges who traveled to Florence joined by local chefs, journalists, bloggers and chocolate specialists. Founded in 2012, the International Chocolate Awards is an independent competition recognizing excellence in fine chocolate making and products made with fine chocolate.

The International Chocolate Awards aims to support companies producing fine chocolate and chocolatiers, small companies and artisans working with fine chocolate. By helping these markets to grow and develop, the competition also aims to support the farmers that grow fine cacao. Winners of the regional competitions are judged together at the World Final which celebrates the best entries of the year.

via internationalchocolateawards.com, Magyar Idők