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Hungarian Cake of the Year Announced!

Tom Szigeti 2017.08.11.

The results are finally in for the Hungarian Cake of the Year contest: of five finalists, this year’s winner, the “Cake of Hungary”, is the Balaton Whipped Cream Hazelnut Cake.

 Margit Varga (left) and Orsolya Vaslóczki (right), winners of the best sugar-free cake and Cake of the Year prizes respectively, with their award-winning creations, in the Parliament Building’s Hunter’s Hall (Photo: MTI – Lajos Soós)

The winning cake, created by Orsolya Vaslóczki of Budapest’s Sugar! Design pastry shop, is made of

hazelnut whipped batter, hazelnut streusel, black currant jelly, a layer of caramel with milk chocolate, hazelnut cream, with a hazelnut oil-milk chocolate-hazelnut top. The cake is decorated with individual hazelnuts that have been coated with gold luster.

This year’s “Cake of Hungary” beat out four other delicious competitors to win the top prize. The contest’s other chief prize, the Best Sugar-Free Cake, was won by the “Pöttyös Panni” cake, created by Margit Varga of the Zazzi pastry shop in Budapest.

Hungary’s sugar-free cake of the year, the  Pöttyös Panni (Photo: MTI – Lajos Soós)

The Pöttyös Panni has neither added sugar nor white flour. It is made with raspberry mousse and hazelnut flour-poppy seed sponge cake, with a sweet layer of plums.

The two cakes, along with this year’s Saint Stephen’s Day bread, will be available for public tasting for this first time on August 19th-20th at “Street of Hungarian Flavors” in Budapest.

Via szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu, sutichef.hu, and MTI

Images via sutichef.hu and MTI

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