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Shrinking at Home, Growth Abroad: Contradictory Statistics on Hungarian Births Worldwide

Robert Velkey 2017.07.05.

While the number of births fell by 1.4 percent from January-April 2017 in Hungary, the number of Hungarian babies born abroad grew by 12 percent.

Data released by the Hungarian Central Statistical Office shows that every 7th Hungarian baby is born abroad. At a press conference, green party LMP’s spokesman Máte Kanász-Nagy pointed out that, according to data obtained from the Budapest Government Office and the Central Statistical Office, 15 percent of Hungarian babies are now born outside the country’s borders. Over 81,000 children have been born to Hungarian parents abroad since 2010, he said

The green party’s spokesman emphasized that LMP will strive to halt emigration by implementing educational reform, making the first university degree free, offering quality jobs, introducing a multiple-rate tax system, and introducing improvements to housing and child care.

via: english.mti.hu; 24.hu; ksh.hu

photos: 24.hu; estiujsag.hu