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Hungarian Bid to Host Table Tennis European Championships

admin 2014.07.02.

Hungary has placed an official bid to host the Table Tennis European Championships in 2015 as organizers await the final decision that is due in two weeks time. After 33 years the country could once again host such an event as the Hungarian Table Tennis Association (Magyar Asztalitenisz Szövetség, MOATSZ) is keen to organize the prestigious competition.

Gábor Pósfai, vice-chairman of MOATSZ revealed during a Tuesday press conference that the tender has two intriguing elements, first, the appointed organizer Germany withdraw its application, second, the association’s new management is keen on popularizing the sport. Pósfai added that “our proposal may not be selected as our rivals are quite strong”, praised the vice-chairman the Spanish and Russian associations. Pósfai also stated that while they had little time to prepare, even if they do not win this time, further bids are to be expected.

The competition would take place during the fall of 2015 at the currently under construction Tüskecsarnok Sport Arena. Budapest last had the opportunity to host the Table Tennis European Championships in 1982.

Photo: Kristian Strobech