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Hungarian Badminton Player Gives Fair Play A Whole New Meaning

Robert Velkey 2016.05.04.

Laura Sárosi, Hungary’s top female badminton player, was in the second round of the European Badminton Championship when she gave an extraordinary new meaning to the term “fair play” with a heartwarming gesture to her opponent that has since gone viral.

At this stage, match won can be a serious step for her to take part in the Olympic Games in Rio 2016. The possibility to play in Rio is up to the collected points and every single match won in the European Championship that gives points to contestants. She is the best badminton player in Hungary but she had a really strong opposing player in this round, the German favorite Karin Schnaase.


Although in the first part of the competition, Laura had led the match, but suddenly Schnaase’s shoes broke away. This way, the German player could have not stayed on the field and according to the rules of the badminton she had no opportunity to ask for a break and get new shoes. Laura could have just waited and win but instead she made a far more generous gesture.


The Hungarian girl ran to her bag and gave her shoes to her German competitor. This way Schnaase could stay in the game, and in the end the German star won the match. Although Laura lost in the second round (2-1) and Schnaase got the point for the Olympic Games, but she had a moral victory and showed the meaning of fair play in real life.

Important News:

“The German Association is going to recommend the fair play award for Laura Sárosi and they will do everything to get her the free-card to take part on the Olympic Games”, a source told the state news agency MTI. Laura lost her opportunity to get the points with this lost match, but she has proven something more valuable about sport

The International Association will decide about the 3 free-cards in the second half of May.

You can help her to get the free card; click to the link below and vote!