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Hungarian Author László Krasznahorkai’s Novel Wins Best Book of 2017 in China

Fanni Kaszás 2018.01.23.

Beijing’s third largest daily newspaper, Xin Jing Bao, chose Hungarian author László Krasznahorkai’s novel, Sátántangó, as the best book of 2017.  The author shared the good news on his Facebook page and congratulated the book’s “excellent translator”, Yu Zemin.

Sátántangó (1985) is the first of Krasznahorkai book to become available in China thanks to the translation by Yu Zemin (余泽民). According to the author, the awards ceremony took place in the National Library of China.

The novel is Krasznahorkai’s first and most famous novel. It tells the story of life in a disintegrating village in a dystopian communist Hungary, where a man called Irimias, long thought dead and who may be a prophet, a secret agent or the devil, appears out of nowhere and begins to manipulate the remaining citizens. The novel has also been made into a seven-and-a-half-hour black-and-white film by the author’s friend, Béla Tarr. The movie took seven years to make and was released in 1994.

Krasznahorkai is considered by many as one of the most important living Hungarian authors. He was born on 5 January 1954. He studied law and Hungarian language and literature at university and became a freelance writer. In 2015, he won the Man Booker International prize.

via Guardian, hvg.hu