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Hungarian Audi Workers Earn the Least in Region, Inciting Strike

Gábor Sarnyai 2019.01.18.

Audi Hungaria Independent Trade Union (AHFSZ) announced a two-hour warning strike scheduled for Friday morning after unanimously rejecting Audi Hungaria’s latest wage offer.

According to a statement from AHFSZ on Thursday, its wage delegation’s strike-related demands “are properly founded and backed by experts.”

The union is seeking an 18 percent hike to the basic wage which would amount to at least 75,000 forints (EUR 233), among other salary demands. Further, it wants each worker guaranteed one full weekend each month, along with child and age-related leave.

Successful Audi Strike Could Mean a New Era for Workers

The trade union wants to fix the wage agreement for one year, with the following claims:

• Raise the base pay by 18 percent to a minimum of 75,000 HUF (220 EUR)
• Four percent of the variable pay should be built into the base pay
• Every employee should receive one free weekend monthly
• Children and age compensated days off should be available for the workers
• Increase employee benefits from the current 620 000 HUF to 787 000 HUF
• Further development of loyalty and jubilee bonuses

A study carried out on behalf of the trade union revealed that workers at the Slovakian Audi currently earn 28% more than workers at the Hungarian Audi. In the Czech Republic, they earn 25% more and in Poland, that number jumps to 39%. Not to mention, the Belgian Audi offers a salary 3.6 times higher than the Audi in Győr.

According to a survey conducted among Audi employees, they would be satisfied and feel appreciated with forty percent wage compensation.

Wage negotiations have been underway at Audi Hungaria Zrt since September. Audi previously proposed a twenty percent wage increase within two years; but, on Wednesday, the company handed over a new deal which the union didn’t find acceptable.

Via: Index.hu/Mti

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