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Hungarian Atlantic Council Urges “Firm And Tough Steps" To Protect Europe


Europe’s external borders must be protected through cooperation against terrorism, the Hungarian Atlantic Council (MAT) said, commenting on the Paris attacks.

The Atlantic Council was shocked to hear of the terrorist attacks in Paris and expresses condolences and solidarity with the victims’ families, Szilveszter E. Vizi, president of the Council and former head of the Hungarian Academy Of Sciences, said. The council condemns all forms of terrorism and urges “firm and tough steps in order to protect the values of humanism and our shared values.”

The Hungarian Atlantic Council was established in 1992 as a non-profit non-governmental organisation. Its original mission was to promote Hungary’s NATO accession and to contribute to the broadest possible acceptance of Euro-Atlantic principles and values in Hungarian society.

The present activity of the Council aims at integrating into Hungarian public life of the Euro-Atlantic principles. Its primary goal is to strengthen Atlantic cooperation with other member states,  and to harmonize the Atlantic and the national idea in Hungary.

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