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Hungarian Artist Recycles Old Tires into Spectacular Statues – Gallery!

Fanni Kaszás 2020.01.21.

Besides traditional Busó masks from Mohács, artist Gábor Baráth, who was honored last year with the title “Young Master of Folk Art,” also makes incredible sculptures out of old tires, including elephants, warriors, lions, and horses.

The artist, born in Mohács in 1985, also works as an architect, but mostly known as a folk artist, who carves traditional Buso masks for the Busójárás festival, held in Mohács every February. Baráth is an avid traditionalist, and his name is also known for a richly decorated coin: in 2011, the National Bank of Hungary launched a series of medals depicting the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Hungary, for which a competition was announced among young artists.

The theme of the first coin was the Busójárás of Mohács, and after several drafts, Gábor Gáti’s work was accepted, who used one of Baráth’s Busó masks and a costume designed by the artist as the basis of the coin’s pattern.

Hungary in Pictures: Busójárás in Mohács

Baráth has also been recognized at an European Union photo competition in 2013 for his artistic shadow photo taken in Mohács on the embankment of the Danube, with a Calvinist Church in the background. With the photo, he wanted to portray that energy awareness is becoming more and more important in people’s lives.

The artist was awarded the Young Master of Folk Art Award by Miklós Kásler, Minister of Human Capacities, on August 20, 2019.

For several years now, Baráth, besides carving Busó masks out of food, also uses old, recycled tires to create breathtaking statues:

MTI/Sóki Tamás

MTI/Sóki Tamás

photo: Baráth Gábor Szobrász Facebook

photo: Baráth Gábor Szobrász Facebook

featured photo: MTI/Sóki Tamás