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The Hungarian army is purchasing two KC-390 military transport aircraft from Brazilian aerospace manufacturer Embraer, the secretariat of government commissioner Gáspár Maróth said.

Representatives of the two partners signed the sale and purchase agreement on Tuesday, the statement said.

The airplanes, which are capable of carrying up to 23 tonnes of cargo, will arrive in Hungary in 2023-2024, the statement added.

The transaction will complement the A319 and Falcon 7X aircraft, capable mainly of personnel transport, which were acquired in 2018, Maróth said in the statement.

Defence Minister: Army Development Progresses as Scheduled
Defence Minister: Army Development Progresses as Scheduled

The development of the Hungarian Armed Forces progresses in line with schedule, the defence minister told parliament’s national security committee on Tuesday. In a regular annual hearing, Tibor Benkő said that the Hungarian army should become a significant power for the region to guarantee peace, security and stability in central Europe. This requires technical developments […]Continue reading

Embraer Defense and Security chairman-CEO Jackson Schneider noted that Hungary is the second European and NATO member country after Portugal to buy KC-390s.

Featured photo illustration via Embraer’s Facebook page