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Hungarian Alpinist Sets Out To Conquer Mount Everest


Ethnic Hungarian mountaineer Zsolt Török, of the city of Arad in western Romania, has set out from the country’s capital Bucharest on Saturday as the member of an international expedition to climb Mount Everest.

The alpinist told the Hungarian state news agency MTI that the expedition is to approach the world’s highest point from the south, following the path of Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, who were the first to conquer the 8848-metre high mountain. He added that no Romanian mountaineer has ever made it to the peak of Mount Everest on this route.

Mr. Török said that he feels well-prepared both physically and mentally, added that he chose to carry an oxygen can with him to secure success, stressing that conquering the world’s highest spot is a lifelong dream of his. The ethnic Hungarian explained that he is taking the Romanian flag and banners of his sponsors with him because he believes that ethnic Hungarian mountain-climbers from Transylvania who opt for the Hungarian flag only give ground to conflict.

In 2013, Zsolt Török led a Romanian expedition which managed to make it to the 8125-metre peak of Manga Parbat, on the border between Pakistan and Kashmir. The 41-year-old mountain climber was forced to turn back from expeditions to Cho Oyu in 2006 and to K2 in 2010 without reaching the peak, but pointed out that no-one managed to conquer the K2 that year.