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Hungarian 1956 Monument To Be Unveiled In New York On 15th Of March

Tamás Székely 2017.02.28.

The monument commemorating Hungary’s ill-fated 1956 anti-Soviet revolution has been put in place in New York and will be unveiled on March 15, Hungary’s consul general in New York told public radio on Tuesday morning.


New York’s new Hungarian monument will be unveiled on March 15, Ferenc Kumin told public radio

The abstract composition has been placed next to the full figure statue of 19th century Hungarian reform statesman Lajos Kossuth, erected in Manhattan in 1928, Ferenc Kumin told Kossuth radio. The monument depicts the actual position of the stars — “by freezing time in stone and steel” — on October 23, 1956, the day when the revolution broke out, he said. The stars made of steel lie on a granite base, he added. Kumin noted that the obelisk of the grave of Emilia Kossuth, the Hungarian politician’s sister, in the Green-Wood Cemetery of Brooklyn, has been cleaned and polished in cooperation with local staff.

The Inscription reads:

Emilia Kossuth-Zulavsky born in Hungary November 12, 1817 died in Brooklyn, N.Y., June 29, 1860. Ye who return when Hungary is free / Oh, take my dust along — my heart is there. Erected by her fellow exiles who admired her in life and now mourn.

The 1956 monument will be unveiled on March 15, Hungary’s national day marking the start of the 1848/49 revolution and freedom fight.

via MTI