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Hundreds Turn Out To Lay Hungarian-Born K9 Officer To Rest In Illinois – Video!

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.08.05.

Hungarian-born police dog star Sári has been laid to rest in the United States with military-style honours after she passed away recently following ten years of loyal service in Monroe County, Illinois.

The Hungarian-raised Alsatian, who died at the age of thirteen, was buried in the presence of over a dozen fellow K9 officers and three hundred people. Grieving friends and colleagues gathered in the churchyard of the town of Columbia in Illinois to pay their respects and say farewell to the dog, who served on the side of local sheriff Jim Lansing.

“She was with me for ten years in every single minute of each day, and now she’s simply gone. It’s very hard”, the sheriff told the television channel Fox News, explaining that Sári accompanied him wherever he went. “I always felt safe by her side. I will miss her dearly”, Mr. Lansing said.

Born in Budapest in 2002, Sári lived with a Hungarian family for three days before being taken to the United States in 2005, where she quickly became a real star after being trained by the Columbia police force. Intriguingly, the dog knew certain commands only in Hungarian, and her handler learnt these words in Hungarian for the sake of the dog.

Sári died unexpectedly on 20 July, before being scheduled to retire in August. Her death was caused by a tumour. She was accompanied on her last journey by dozens of police cars and fire engines, two and four-legged colleagues.