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Human rights of ex-president of Supreme Court were violated according to Strasbourg

admin 2014.06.03.

According to the judgement of first instance of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) announced on 27 May, the right of András Baka, ex-president of Hungary’s the Supreme Court, to the freedom of speech had been violated by the Hungarian authorities.

According to the Strasbourg body, the human rights of the ex-chief justice had also been violated by the way in which he had been removed from his post, prematurely, by passing a rule of law. In András Baka’s opinion, the judgement represents moral satisfaction for him. After the decision Baka told Hungarian News Agency (MTI) that he did not yet have time to study the judgement in detail, but he thought that he was admittedly right in this case affecting the independence of the entire Hungarian judiciary, thus this decision may be satisfaction for all Hungarian judges as well.

The government will study the Strasbourg judgement after receiving it, then it will make a decision after this, if necessary, said government spokesman András Giró-Szász at the request of MTI.

Photo: pushon.co.uk